"All are parts of one stupendous whole"
Alexander Pope, Poet, 1688 - 1744

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You may be, or have met, someone with an unlikely aversion to clusters and holes. The phobia, known as Trypophobia, is not officially recognized in the American... Read More
Often something simple is the most effective. Artist Rainer Jacob used ice in the shape of banded radiators placed around cities and living spaces in Europe to draw... Read More
The structure and form of renowned Mexican architect Luis Barragán have been recreated in miniature by artist James Casebere. The table-sized models were lit precisely... Read More
"Clustered between the small towns of Koingnaas and Kotzesrus are vast patterns, often kilometres long – a variety of shapes and symbols that defy interpretation. These... Read More
As humans, we are naturally pattern-seeking creatures – we are genetically conditioned to recognise and find meaning in pattern. The more we look, the more we see the... Read More
Braille, the a code that can be translated into many languages, has been used by the visually impaired since 1824. This rubicks cube was designed by Konstantin Datz... Read More
Sharing angular beauty inspiration styled by Philip Mason and photographed by Richard Blinkoff Read More
Why is there a spiral around the North Pole of Mars? Each winter this pole develops a new outer layer about one meter thick composed of carbon dioxide frozen out of the... Read More
Photographer Ludwig Favre captured the details of Grundtvig's Church in Copenhagen , highlighting the beauty of materials and design of the Expressionist Architecture⠀ Read More
At the end of the year, we consider the cyclical nature of life and find inspiration in everything that surrounds us. After the natural death and quietness of winter, we... Read More
NASA has been 're-inventing the wheel' for its lunar and martian rovers. Previous models have been punctured or damaged, so new inventions are looking at... Read More
A new vermicular creature has been discovered; neither worm, nor snake, they're in fact soil-burrowing, limbless amphibians, and they're completely new to science, a new... Read More
We can learn from pattern everywhere. Life at the Edge of Sight , a new book that explores the beauty of microbes, captures the invisible universes around us–and inside... Read More
Sharing simple symmetrical pattern inspiration by photographer Tina Meyer Read More
Last month, a colourful shimmering cloud confused scientists when it appeared on the weather radar. At first they thought it could be birds, but the 70 mile speckles... Read More
Aerial photographic technology has unlocked insight into mysterious ancient stone structures in Saudi Arabia. The true scale and beauty of these formations have only... Read More
On the day the US celebrates thanksgiving, we consider micro moments of gratitude. 4 out of 5 smartphone users check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking... Read More
Fashion photographer Mel Bles has used simple circled mirrors to highlight the collections for Missoni 2017. Bles has captured the dazzling patterns of Missoni for... Read More
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