"All are parts of one stupendous whole"
Alexander Pope, Poet, 1688 - 1744

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Jil Sander has created a modern take on a classic pattern, varying the scale with an updated colour palette. Read More
A scientist has been dubbed a 'cartographer of snakeskin' as he has been investigating the power of serpent skin in understanding friction. From measuring the shape,... Read More
On World Ocean Day we're sharing a pattern pairing that reminds us of our eternal connectivity – anatomically and through every system that shapes our life – to the sea.... Read More
On 8 June we celebrate World Ocean Day, and remember our interconnectedness with the water that covers our globe. Take a moment to consider your personal affinity with... Read More
Our seas and oceans sustain life on Earth and are home to tens of thousands of fascinating species. They cover 72 percent of the planet, contain over 97 percent of its... Read More
Noticing similarity and pattern coincidence is the first step to understanding the power of pattern. The same structures appear all around us, everyday, and spotting... Read More
Sharing bold architectural inspiration by Peter Behrens from his Dome Hall of Farbwerke Hoechst, Frankfurt, Germany, 1921-24. Coloured bricks are illuminated by light... Read More
Bauhaus Master Oskar Schlemmer played with the art of costumery in an utterly modern way during his career. Drawing inspiration from fundamental geometry, as well as... Read More
Zooming in to the coast of Brazil to spot a disrupted wave pattern, formed out of dunes, lagoons and saltmarsh in the Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses… Read More
The Al Naslaa Rock Formation features petroglyphs depicting Ibex and Horses that are over 4000 years old. Even more remarkable, is the shape that the ancient engravings... Read More
Join PATTERNITY alongside collaborators Jeremy Lent and Lisa Ferguson to explore the patterns shaping our culture today. We will begin with a talk with Jeremy about how... Read More
Gunta Stölzl was the only female master at the Bauhaus School of design, and transformed the craft of weaving at the school from creating traditional pictorial visuals,... Read More
The glass wing butterfly uses the best form of camouflage to hide from predators – transparent wings. Micro-patterns of curved bumps that allow light to pass straight... Read More
Drawing inspiration from the 'oasis' in Baja, California – a hotel designed to stand out like a beacon in the surrounding desert. Designed by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos,... Read More
Thinker-in-residence at the Institute for Applied Ecology at the University of Canberra, Australia pondered the patterns of algae he found on a walk. Charles Krebs noted... Read More
Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Johnson Wax Headquarters in 1939, and was inspired by dendrite – tree like – forms to create the structure of the building. Over 200... Read More
Who dropped the biscuit packet? We love to find magnificence in the mundane, and order in chaos – what better than some reassembled crackers by Kristen Meyer . Read More
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