PATTERNITY: The Next Chapter

AnOther gets the scoop on PATTERNITY: A New Way of Seeing. Our co-founders  Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham talk about this "next chapter" on their journey, the experience of compiling their first book their unwavering belief in using pattern positively.
"Murray and Winteringham have… compiled a beautiful new coffee table book… which serves as a compendium of all their pattern influences across art, fashion, photography, architecture, nature and science"
"We really do try to be as accessible as possible. We realised at the beginning, when we first started to put the imagery together, that it was initially a fashion and design-led process, but then suddenly, once the nature, science and geology fed in, it was like, 'okay, its pretty much anywhere and everything – we’ve got a pretty big job on our hands!' So it's curating, filtering and explaining it all in a way that people instantly understand, which is the biggest challenge of all, and that’s partly why the book is so useful, because it gives PATTERNITY that tangible essence."
Grace Winteringham