A Way Of Seeing – A Way of Being

Pattern is everywhere we go and it's in everything we do 
It’s there when we look up, down and all around, outside ourselves and deep within 
Pattern speaks a powerful universal language that connects us all

We’re living in an age of overload and complexity
The systems we are a part of are failing 
We’ve become so focused on the ‘I’ not the ‘we
We have lost our sense of connection to our environment, each other and to ourselves
It’s time to wake up and reconnect the dots

Let’s start asking questions:
Can the way we look at the smaller details enhance our awareness of the bigger picture? 
If we visualise the unseen, can it create true innovation?
Does being more mindful make us happier and healthier? 
Can being more grateful every day affect the world around us?
How can our interconnectivity with nature teach us all to live more sustainable lives?

Let’s be more curious
Let’s look closely, notice the details and appreciate the excellence of our everyday world 
Let’s look beyond, dig deeper, and feel part of a beautiful interconnected whole
Let’s open up as we celebrate nature’s cycles, the rhythms that shape and give meaning to life 
Lets listen to the wisdom she wants to share

It’s time to come together to collaborate, play, wonder and explore
Let’s learn from the patterns of the past and co-create a new pattern for the future

Let's reconnect the disconnect

Join us on the journey...

"Because a shared awareness and understanding of pattern will positively shape our world"
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