Photo: Origami tessellations by Eric Gjerde

Origami Intelligence

Connecting paper and product design with Robert Lang

Master mathematician and origamist Robert Lang shares the underlying principles of the art of paper folding in this mindblowing TED talk. He explains that one crease pattern is the blueprint of all origami shapes. Governed by four simple laws, it can create the most complex of designs.

Lang shows how the hidden laws of mathematics can turn one piece of paper into a rattlesnake with 1,000 scales, a Black Forest cuckoo clock, or the figure of a rock star. He also shares the secret of productivity: let dead people do your work for you.

Lang highlights the astonishing possibilities when today’s product designers draw on the wisdom of origami pioneers like Akira Yoshizawa. Intricate folded designs are now being utilised in space telescopes, airbags and lifesaving heart stents.

Pinwheel tessellation by Eric Gjerde