When Stripes Collide: A Film With Lily Silverton + Pop Magazine

Exploring pattern and symmetry

We collaborated with filmmaker and writer, Lily Silverton on When Stripes Collide, a film piece that explores the link between pattern and autism. Stark contrasts of black and white and repetitive movements evoke the visual distortions and communicative challenges associated with the condition.

With scientific precision, styling and editing, the film features the work of RCA graduate and Helen Hamlyn Award winner Katie Gaudion whose ‘springy thingys’ (designed and developed to encourage play and interaction for children with autism) play a central role.

Shot and edited by Eddie Wrey and styled by POP’s Executive Fashion Editor Tui Lin in a mix of Miyake and Marques’ Almedia, the film’s fusion of fashion and style depicts patterns of the mind, the creation of meaningful stories and the idiosyncrasy of innovators.

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