We Find Patterns, Make Connections and Create Solutions

As global specialists in multi-disciplinary pattern research, design and experience we know how to harness the positive power of pattern to create unique outcomes greater than the sum of their individual parts: 
We love putting our patterns on well-made products that people enjoy. Our concept-led approach helps individuals, brands and organisations find authenticity. Read More
Since 2009 we have been documenting the beauty of pattern found in the everyday. Our archive of bold designs and photographs are now available for licencing... Read More
Our immersive events and hands-on experiences can be tailored to specific themes and activations for in-house staff, press and consumer activations. Read More
Our multi-channel approach connects all our areas of expertise to create holistic creative partnerships with both aesthetic strength and deeper meaning. Read More
From moving image and stills photoshoots to window displays and immersive set designs – we direct and create magnetic and celebratory creative content. Read More
Our inspiration presentations unite the worlds of science, philosophy and creativity to kickstart innovations and help teams find flowing creative processes. Read More
Our co-founders Anna + Grace regularly speak about the changing landscape of creativity and business. We welcome authentic endorsements that align with our values. Read More