Warp + Reason: A Handmade Ceramic Collection With
Richard Brendon

Revitalising ceramic craft

Hand-finished by the best craftsmen in Stoke-on-Trent, this collaboration drew inspiration from over two centuries of British culture. Our bone china set brought together Richard’s expertise in ceramic design with our storytelling patterns and passion for specialist skills.

Heritage and innovation are both honoured. The design on the inside of the cup and on the handles pays tribute to the brilliant embellishment that we see in 16th century china wear. Yet, when combined with the metallic cups, the bold striped pattern in cold cobalt blue evokes the clarity of thought that exploded in Britain in the mid-17th Century, as caffeinated tea and coffee brought about the Age of Reason, propelling Britain out of a warped alcoholic haze. Lines, overlapping to the centre, represent this layering of new and radical ideas.

Using the classic cobalt blue and white colour palette in a strikingly modern way, this was a first for bone china sets seen in the likes of luxury retailers Fortnum & Mason, Bergdorf Goodman and Thomas Goode. We also created a bespoke set in Fortnum’s iconic eau de nil colour palette.

Driven by history and powered by pattern, this collaboration attracted a younger, modern audience to bone china.

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