The Kaleidohome:
An Interactive Installation in Trafalgar Square

An Immersive Public Space with Airbnb

Launched during London Design Festival 2014, the Kaleidohome was a four-metre-long kaleidoscope manifested for one very special purpose: so the public could put themselves at the centre of their own personal pattern. Mirrors and optical illusions turned a single moment of curiosity into a meditation on personal identity and belonging. 

Working with experiential photography specialists Say Fromage, we incorporated the latest in immersive technology. So, as passersby peered in, the installation documented real-time interactions, creating a joyful collision of imagery online.

Playful and hands-on, this project brought Airbnb into the public space of outdoor art. Located in London’s bustling Trafalgar Square, the Kaleidohome was visited by hundreds of people from every corner of the globe, each individual journey was cherished within a collective sense of exploration via an online portal for the duration of the event. 

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