PATTERNITY: A New Way of Seeing

Celebrating the Inspirational Power of Pattern in Life with Conran Octopus

Our 224-page manifesto explores the positive power of pattern to inspire a more curious, collaborative and connected way of living. Blurring the boundaries between the worlds of fashion and beauty, art and design, science and nature, it offers a deep journey into pattern throughout time – uniting bold visuals with educational essays and a timeline of PATTERNITY own projects. 

A New Way of Seeing  tells the story of the PATTERNITY brand and philosophy whilst simultaneously delving into the psychology of why pattern is important and how we can learn from it to shape the future positively.
“Making a book has been a really important part of our next phase. It’s consolidated five years of our in-depth research and our best projects, as well as our community and our network”
Grace Winteringham

An excerpt fom the introduction, Pattern Is Life:

 PATTERNITY: A New Way of Seeing aims to use the power of pattern as a catalyst: to surprise, to rouse curiosity, and to bring disparate specialisms together and spark unexpected outcomes. The core themes explored throughout these pages delve into the questions that lie at the heart of our practice: Can challenging our perception of the everyday positively affect the world around us? Does being more mindful make us happier and healthier? How can seeing the smaller details enhance our understanding of the bigger picture? And if we dare to visualise the unseen, can it drive forward innovation?”

A New Way of Seeing has been praised in a range of global publications, including Wallpaper* and Vogue Living, and enjoys a five star rating on Amazon. It has rapidly become a touchstone for designers, artists, and students of all kinds looking for beauty, clarity and inspiration.

"We’re not inventing pattern, but we're revisiting it, inspiring people to be more curious and feel connected to a greater whole. We believe that when you feel that connection, it can help you through the dilemmas we are living through right now. It's powerful"
Anna Murray

“The book can be absorbed on different levels. You can simply feast on the beautiful pictures. Or you can chew on Murray’s essays, which spiral off into the history of thought, science and philosophy. She writes, for example, about the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci’s discovery, in around 1200, of a seemingly divine sequence of numbers – the Fibonacci sequence – which applies to nature’s most beautiful formations.”
The Guardian
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