Pattern. Conflict. Unity: Film Creative Direction
for IWM

Pattern Storytelling in Moving Image

To celebrate our Fleet of Dazzle collaboration with Imperial War Museums (IWM), we joined forces with filmmaker and Features Director of Hunger Magazine, Lily Silverton. 

Together, we created a short film telling the story of the iconic dazzle camouflage patterns painted to protect ships during WW1. The film unites never-before seen naval-archive footage from WW1 and WW2 with our new museum product line, taking the viewer on a journey to explore the definitions of pattern, conflict and unity.

In the film, a female model interacts with layered footage from the IWM archives, with the bold set design and iconic shapes echoing the silhouettes of ships passing on the horizon line. The symbolism of the circle is a key visual technique representative of the cyclic nature of time and the ultimate power of unity amidst on-going global conflicts. We sense the vulnerability of these slow moving objects under attack, at sea, day and night.

This was our personal contribution to nationwide WW1 Centenary commemorations and the reopening of IWM South London. 

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