Macro + Micro:
A Multi-Platform Clarks Originals Collaboration

Creating Wearable Pattern Footwear

We were given free rein by Clarks Originals to revisit the brand’s most iconic unisex style – the desert boot. To celebrate the collaboration, we also directed a film depicting the story of desert explorer Nathan Clark.

Our first collection featured a bold rearrangement of circles, lines, triangles and squares inspired by the fundamental shapes that make up the world around us, to encourage a more mindful appreciation of the everyday. The second design looked at the desert boot through a microscopic lens, zooming in even closer with a detailed design that invites wearers to follow our mantra, ‘look closer, notice more’. Our bold lacquered geometric print, with its intricate use of texture, light and contrast, brought a sense of urban flair to the more utilitarian suede boot.

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