INFECTIOUS PATTERN: An educational animation for Wellcome Trust

Going Deeper in Exploring Infectious Diseases

One way or another, disease affects everyone and, by extension, so does the work of Wellcome. Our aim was to share that work with as many people as possible, translating the battle against global disease into striking, accessible visuals that turn heads, capture imaginations and broaden minds and this manifested in an animated film digging deeper into the research and work that Wellcome does.

Interweaving fact, playful pattern animation and case study to explore the history of infectious diseases and the progress made by Wellcome in tackling them, the film is viewed in the window display on Euston Road, as well as a global audience online. Featuring case studies from the plague to modern day ebola and malaria, we aimed to share a positive message in a light and playful way that will inspire people to find out more about the pioneering work of Wellcome Trust.

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