Infectious Pattern: A window campaign for Wellcome Trust

Designing for Disease

In our collaboration with Wellcome, a pioneering global charitable foundation, we examined the patterns behind one of humanity’s biggest threats: infectious disease. Every day, more than 5,000 people walk by these windows, making them the ideal platform for raising awareness of one of Wellcome’s biggest areas of research, and one of the biggest threats to global civilisation today. 

INFECTIOUS PATTERN saw the four 12-foot windows of Wellcome’s buildings on the corner of Gower Street and Euston Road transformed with bold graphic surface designs, 3D shapes, graphic optical effects and storytelling typography. Through repetitive patterns inspired by the intricate microscopic structure of bacteria and viruses, each window tells a chapter in the story of disease: from the genesis and spread of infection and the disruption caused to the body and society, to the power that Wellcome’s research has to combat it. The centrepiece is an animated film created by PATTERNITY that interweaves fact, playful pattern animation and case study to explore the history of infectious diseases and the progress made by Wellcome in tackling them. 

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