An ongoing design collaboration encouraging zero-waste living

“We’d like to help people change their patterns of behaviour, and make the journey towards sustainable living more creative, positive and joyful!”
Anna + Grace

PATTTERNITY + pød CHANGING PATTERNS range is a practical coming together of our shared values and part of an ongoing collaboration exploring circular design with new products launching throughout 2018-19 and beyond.

The products are designed to change patterns of behaviour and inspire more sustainable ways of living – encouraging conscious consumption such as re-using and recycling and reducing single use plastics.

The PATTERNITY + pod range can be used at loose-fill supermarkets or filled with home-made cosmetics or cleaning products.

“Each travel set combines three different patterns or three different colours to easily identify the contents – meaning they look great, as well as being really practical and easy to use.”
PATTERNITY co-founder, Grace Winteringham
“We’re super aligned about wanting to explore more sustainable ways of being and challenging existing habits. This range is a simple and beautiful way to implement our philosophy and inspire positive patterns of living in modern life.”
PATTERNITY co-founder, Anna Murray

The re-usable aluminium travel kit made from aluminium is 100% recyclable and arrives in a biodegradable organic cotton drawstring bag – a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic miniatures and plastic lined washbags.

The collection is available to buy now via