Be Great Be Grateful: A Journal for Positive Living

A Creative Journal with Ebury Press

Digging deeper into our belief in the power of pattern to create positive change our 190-page gratitude journal, Be Great Be Grateful, explores how design and pattern might shape the way we live our lives, using the format of a gratitude journal to create positive thoughts and habits, underpinned by conscious rituals and the simple act of taking time to notice the world around us.
"Design experts and Cool Hunting favourites, PATTERNITY have a have a new journal… and it's part of their mission toward cultivating gratitude and—in turn—wellness"
Cool Hunting

An Excerpt from the Introduction, Why Gratitude, Why now?

Gratitude is powerful. It makes us feel happier, healthier and more hopeful. Join us on an empowering voyage of exploration – from drain-cover spotting to cosmic pondering, simple observations to nature immersions – and discover inspiring and innovative ways to invite more gratitude into modern life.

Published by Ebury Press, the book is divided into three sections: ‘The Mundane’, which considers the hidden and overlooked incidental patterns of the everyday world; ‘Me’, which explores the personal rhythms of our own body and mind; and ‘The Magnificent’, which broadens the scope to the macrocosmic level, looking at our relationships with the biggest picture of all: the universe at large.
"Be Great, Be Grateful is both an exploration of our philosophy and a practical, interactive guide to using pattern to discover and implement a more positive and purposeful way of living"
Grace Winteringham
Daily journal pages allow the reader to record their own observations, chronicle their moments of gratitude and set their intentions, while step-by-step guides offer instructions on exploring everyday patterns and opening up to the power of gratitude. Sitting at the intersection between creativity and wellbeing, Be Great, Be Grateful is the definitive how-to manual for anyone interested in looking beneath the surface, finding inspiration in the unexpected and living more positively.
"Pattern does not only exist on a visual level, but permeates every aspect of our lives – the things we do, the connections we make, the relationships that sustain us, and the way we behave day-to-day"
Anna Murray