Image: Robin Mellor

Cracking The Code: Mindful Patterns

Amy Fleming takes a stroll with our co-founders Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham as they launch PATTERNITY: A New Way of Seeing. They discuss how "patterns make you more mindful" of the hidden geometry in everything from galaxies to flamingoes.

"For Murray and Winteringham, pattern appreciation has become a way of life, and an exercise in mindfulness. While the pair are fascinated by nature’s grand designs, they hold a special reverence for finding symmetry in the mundane, or as they put it, "the spaces between things, as much as things themselves""
Amy Fleming
"Since PATTERNITY'S inception in 2009, what might at first appear to be a purely aesthetic endeavour has evolved into what the pair earnestly call "a philosophy of seeing". They study the history of human uses for patterns, how and why they occur in nature and science, and the reasons everyone enjoys looking at and recognising patterns."
Amy Fleming