Anna Murray on Pattern, Cycles and Balance with 'The Future Is Beautiful Podcast

At a time of growing individual and global burnout, how can looking to nature's patterns inspire us to find more sustainable and harmonious ways of living?

In this episode Amisha meets with Anna Murray, co-founder of Patternity - a ‘conscious creative organisation’ working with pattern to inspire more curious, collaborative and connected ways of living. 

 Anna shares her journey with patterns, noticing how they play out in her own life and in the world around her, and speaks about how we can work with pattern awareness to create balance in our lives. 

During her early career in advertising, Anna became aware that something was very wrong with the way she was using her creativity. This sense of discomfort grew stronger and she began to hear a call to change direction. Anna speaks about the experience of taking a leap of faith to respond to this call and how her life has transformed as a result. As an entrepreneur starting a new business, Anna and her business partner, Grace Winteringham, quickly came up against their own patterns and the patterns of the business culture around her. 

She tells how they were pushed to change, and to really live Patternity’s ethos of interconnectedness, beauty and balance. We hear how the two women re-patterned their working lives and company culture to be in balance and harmony with natural patterns. 

 Together Anna and Amisha discuss the cycles that shape our lives on a personal and societal level, the bias we hold against slower, darker aspects of different cycles, and the gifts that come from tracking and tuning into our own cyclical nature. Anna tells us about her decision to approach life with more spirals and fewer stripes and what this means in her day to day life. “We have not been taught to value rest, we want to be in perpetual summer.” ~ Anna Murray Links from this episode and more at