The purpose and definition of PATTERNITY

When we say the word pattern, it is easy to think we are referencing textiles, wallpaper and surface decoration. Although all of these elements are part of what we do, there are many more aspects of pattern that make up PATTERNITY. Here we explain the dictionary definition of 'PATTERN' and why 'ITY' has become a core part of our mission and vision so far... 

The word pattern is a fascinating one – it contains a multitude of meanings, with layers of depth and relevance to many, explored over centuries by scientists, philosophers, artists and shamans all over the world. 

The very definition of the word explains why our love of pattern is so all-encompassing and abundant and manifests in a myriad of ways. From designing geometric ethical knitwear to improving patterns of awareness through projects that encourage mindfulness and gratitude. We have inspired new positive patterns of behaviour to protect our planet through our events, experiences and books, and encourage people to recognise patterns and habits within ourselves in order to find more harmony and balance in our daily life.  Pattern can be explored visually, emotionally, scientifically and most importantly, joyfully.

(n. adj.) ‘(pat(ə)n)’

1. A repeated decorative design
2. An arrangement regularly found in comparable objects
3. A regular and intelligible form or sequence
4. Give something a form based on that of something else
5. An example for others to follow


Middle English patron ‘something serving as a model’. The change in sense denotes a patron giving an example to be copied. Patron Middle English from Old French, from Latin patronus ‘protector of clients, defender’, from pater, patr– ‘father’


(suffix) -ə.ti


Meaning ‘condition or quality of being’ from Middle English –ite, from Old French –ité and directly from Latin –itatem suffix denoting state or condition, composed of connective. A word suffixed by –ity usually means the quality of being what the adjective describes

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