Feel More Connected To Nature In Five Steps

Amid the conflicts and complexities of the modern world, the need to remember our deep interconnectivity – both to our environment and to each other – is feeling increasingly necessary.

Feeling connected to a greater whole gives a vital sense of belonging to something greater and more permanent than ourselves. It defines our purpose and shapes our path –and leads to an increased awareness to helping us feel more connected, creative and content.

These five ideas will invite the healing power of nature connection into your life:

1. Reconnect

In a world of spreadsheets, emails, goals and targets it can be easy to forget that we are all inherently creative. Pouring out our creative energy constantly without any time to reconnect back to our source can be draining. We run dry and burn out.

To keep creating sustainably and purposefully, we need to take time to nourish ourselves. Take inspiration from the ebb and flow of the seasons or the cycles of the moon and consider taking time to give yourself space each month to rest or do something with no specific outcome in mind. Try singing, dancing, drawing or listening to a song or just sitting and staring into space with your whole being – make an appointment each month to tune into your inner creativity. It may seem strange at first but you’ll be amazed at how much more alive and purposeful you’ll feel.

2. Muse The Micro + The Macro

Look closely at the veins of a leaf. Trace the lichen universe on a garden wall. Or maybe gaze up at the stars at night. Such glimpses can have small but resonant results, helping to uncover simple truths of our existence.

Time spent in nature has countless benefits for the wellbeing of both our body and our mind – from reduced stress, increased self-esteem and emotional balance. Without it, our absolute dependency on the air, sun, earth and the rain tends to fade into the background, and the tender relationships between plants, animals and all living things remain largely out of view.

3. Consider Coincidence

Whether looking through a microscope or a telescope, the same patterns exist everywhere. Like beacons for our human understanding, we are only just beginning to value the importance of the curious coincidences that abound in the natural world.

Whether digging deep or stepping back, it can be rewarding to pause and reflect on the shapes and formations that make up the world around us and have done so for millennia. They are signposts that show us the beautiful interdependence of our delicate human lives and undeniable symmetry with the natural world.

4. Living Is Giving

Being aware of the relationship of bees and flowers, or appreciating the roots that extend deep into the soil so we can breathe fresh air can help us connect with the larger pattern of which we are a part and guide us to make more conscious choices in our day to day lives.

Looking to nature as our guide, we remember to only take as much as we need and consider how our habits, behaviours and processes impact the greater whole. Consider giving back to the cycle and spend some time and energy considering ways that you can give back – maybe through a charitable cause that speaks to you.

5. Honour Cycles

What is the shape of the moon tonight: is it a curve, a half, or a fat full disc? Our ancient ancestors’ reverence for the sun, moon and stars was woven into their culture, forming much of their understanding of the cyclic nature of life on Earth.

Taking time to ponder the invisible connections of which we are a part can be humbling, helping us feel more unified with the planet that supports and nourishes us all daily. Pause a moment to appreciate the conscious creativity that informs the cycles that shape our lives, from noting the changing of the seasons to tuning into the monthly cycles within our own bodies. Cycles are everywhere and noticing them can bring us healing, support and simplicity.

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