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Seven Guiding Principles

PATTERNITY, in essence, explores the many worlds opened up by the different definitions of ‘pattern’ to help people achieve a better quality of being, for themselves, for their community and for humanity as a whole. Through our theoretical and experiential research, our award-winning design and hands-on events, we work with the power of pattern, both seen and unseen, to help people feel:

1. Aware of the beauty and wonder of the everyday world
2. Open and alive to our interconnectivity to nature and all living things
3. Curious about the unseen patterns that shape the known universe
4. In tune with life’s naturally occurring rhythms, cycles and systems
5. Empowered to disrupt unsustainable patterns of behaviour and create new ones
6. Engaged with our inner creativity and flow
7. Connected to a diverse and values-driven community both locally and globally