Eric V. Grave/Getty

The Spaces Between
in Our Body

The word interstitial means "between spaces" and has been used to describe a recently discovered new human 'organ'. It's surprising, that after all our anatomical investigations, we are still learning about our inner worlds.

The interstitium is
 a network of fluid-filled spaces in tissue, initially believed to be dense walls of collagen. Like many between spaces, they were initially overlooked when scientists reviewed microscopic slides; their structure was lost when liquid was extracted from samples in order to view them in the lab.

Though we are still in the early stages of understanding this new part of of our body, scientists believe it 
may act as shock absorbers to protect tissues during daily functions, allowing room for movement.

So it would seem, our body has created some 'breathing room' for our muscles, organs and tissues in the form of small bubble like pockets. Another example as nature using pattern as the ultimate designer…

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