Image: Green Sea, Scott Kelly/NASA

Space Perspective

An astronaut’s documentation of Earth

Commander Scott Kelly, has captured Colors of Earth during his time on the International Space Station, revealing the bright spectrums and abstract patterns created by natural phenomena and formations on planet Earth.
Kelly is the record holder for the longest cumulative time spent in space, but still is astounded by the visions through the windows of the space station. The images are zoomed-in views of Earth's features from 249 miles above the surface, the height of the ISS.

The beauty captured from above serves as an inspirational reminder of the diversity of our globe
Photo: Ice, Scott Kelly/NASA
Photo: Africa Earth Art, Scott Kelly/NASA
"When you look at the ... atmosphere on the limb of the Earth, I wouldn't say it looks unhealthy, but it definitely looks very, very fragile a kind of like thin film. It looks like something that we definitely need to take care of"
Scott Kelly, US Astronaut