Seeds germinate in the darkness... So in this time of great change, where so many interconnected shadows in our system are finally being exposed and we are realising how much we need to learn and unlearn — We believe the seeds of conscious change we plant now will take deeper root...This time is pivotal — a portal for positive loving action and transformation.

So as we feel into the void, this messy and necessarily uncomfortable place, We’re deeply asking > What positive seeds are we planting for the future? What creative actions can we take to be in greater service to the whole? How can we give back more deeply ? How can we activate our creativity and community for the greatest good? How can we step back, up and with to be a better and authentic allies?

We all have unique talents and creative gifts to be in service to this #systemschange that has been brewing for so long now — We’re living through a #paradigmshift and this is going to get even more complex and confusing... it can be easy to feel very stuck — so let’s navigate this together, from our hearts and let’s hold each other up with #love#kindness and #compassion as we move through it. We have so much unlearning to do.

We’ll be running more creative support circles to help people who are asking these bigger questions on the changing patterns of our times and open to doing the inner and outer work. Please look on our instagram for the latest updates ,  check the events calendar or sign up to our newsletter.

Image of seeds under the microscope with gratitude to @robkesseler and seed inspiration from @amishaghadiali @thefutureisbeautiful