"If we walk mindfully and reverently on the earth, we will generate the energies of mindfulness, of peace, and of compassion in both body and mind"
Thich Nhat Hanh

A Simple 'How To' Guide For Taking A Meditative Walk

There is no right or wrong way to take part in a mindful walk.

We invite you to simply take the first step and see where you feel moved to go. 

Your walk can explore a variety of moods. You might feel happy or sad. You might feel playful or pensive. You may use it as a walking meditation or time to set a personal intention for yourself, others, or for the planet as a whole.

Feel free to walk alone or with others as circumstances allow. We encourage you to walk in receptive silence, free of any mobile devices, cameras and headphones

Notice the sky. Notice the air. Feel the support of the earth beneath you. Listen to the sounds. Appreciate the plants. Most of all pay attention to your experience. 

You can enjoy a mindful walk anywhere – at home in the garden, in the park, on the beach, around the local neighbourhood. Where you walk really doesn’t matter, it’s how you walk that is key. 

Below we have outlined some simple steps to guide you along the way. 


Breathe: Become quiet and centered. Take a couple of deep breaths and feel yourself being here, right now. Both feet flat on the ground, body upright, shoulders relaxed. Lungs filled with fresh air. 

Experience: Take your first steps. Feel the process. There is no perfect pace, tune into your own patterns and find your own rhythm – come to a pace that feels sustainable to walk for one hour or more. Remember to keep breathing steadily.

Honour: Practice awareness and patience both for your surroundings and for yourself – offer thoughts and feelings of gratitude for what is above you, below you and within you. Feel yourself radiating positive ripples out into the world.

Reflect: After your mindful walk, reflect back on your experience. Use journaling, drawing, or conversation with a loved one to explore your experience.  

Celebrate: Take some time to celebrate yourself and others for taking part in a mindful walk today. Your actions are collective steps that are helping to build more positive, peaceful patterns around the world.
"If you go off far into the forest and get very quiet you will come to realise you're connected to everything."
Alan Watts, philosopher