With co-founders, Grace & Anna

Missed the live show? Listen again here

We’ve delved into the PATTERNITY archives to weave together an hour-long radio show with Agile City and Clyde Built Radio focussed on the magic and wonder of water.  We'll be sharing excerpts from our deep pattern research into liquid systems, and more about the thinking and feeling behind our creative events designed to help people experience states of creative flow. 

This is all woven together with some of our favourite sounds, samples and songs that celebrate the wisdom and beauty of pattern resonance as it connects us within the great web of life. 

We hope you enjoy it!
Grace + Anna 

Missed the live show? Listen again here
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Joshua Fuller
  1. Rainstick's Meditation Music – Sample
  2. An Arc of Doves – Brian Eno
  3. As Below, So Above – Ruven Nunez
  4. The Song of the Sea – Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou
  5. Mother Theresa –  Auntie Flo
  6. Blue River – David Cunningham
  7. Rainstick's Meditation Music – Sample
  8. Whale Song – Unknown sample
  9. Dolphin – Linda Perhacs
  10. Sea Waves – Uknown sample
  11. Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream – Midori Takada
  12. The Moving Finger – Dorothy Ashby
  13. I Can't Stand the Rain – Tina Turner