Online Gatherings + Mentoring with PATTERNITY

We'll be hosting ongoing #PATTERNITRIBE online gatherings throughout 2020 where we'll be creating nourishing, gentle and supportive spaces for us to come together, expand, enquire and evolve.

Our intention is to inspire and support you as we learn to navigate this pivotal moment in time.⁠ And collectively feel into what patterns we need to both break and make as we move forward. Together we'll be asking – How can we work with the wisdom of pattern to find a greater sense of harmony with each other, the world around us and indeed within ourselves?

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We're also developing a 'Conscious Creative Coaching; offering with our co-founders Anna + Grace so please email studio@patternity.org if you are interested in exploring this further with 'Coaching' in the headline. 

With love and gratitude for joining us on the journey

Anna + Grace 

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge”
Tuli Kupferberg