Celebrating World Gratitude Day with our Community

Today we’re celebrating daily rituals that we’re thankful for.  At PATTERNITY Studio we love our PATTERNITEA breaks in our Richard Brendon collaboration mugs; here Liv sports a matching ensemble to truly set off the stripes!

Thanks to everyone below who shared your grateful thoughts!
"Each morning and evening I write down 3 things I'm thankful for... I think daily gratitude is such a powerful exercise as it keeps us appreciative of the things we take most for granted. Today I am grateful for my health, my family and the quiet time I've had to myself this morning to drink coffee, listen to music and cook."
Rory Brown
"I am grateful for my bike. I love biking to school and listening to good music in the mornings"
Ragnheidur Stefansdottir
"I am grateful for the small luxury that is coffee in my local; not just the wonderful taste but the people I can share the moment with (when you freelance at home alone). For the first time this morning I also contemplated the fern pattern on its surface and its resonance to the natural world, which made me smile."
Gael Welstead