Dots and Direction by PATTERNITY

A Proposal to Expand Pedestrian Patterns

Exploring a city on foot can be an inspirational source of patterns, as well as promoting a greater understanding of our environment and connection to the places that we live. Zaha Hadid architects have envisioned a new research initiative named Walkable London, aiming to pedestrianise whole parts of London.

"London was traditionally a walking city. Walkable London presents proposals that re-introduce walking as an integral part of the city’s transport network."
Walkable London
The initiative believes there could be significant impacts on the socio-economic structure of the city, as well as many other benefits relating to wellbeing, safety and the environment. Data from maps, devices and more has been collated to reveal the true patterns of our commutes and travelling – many common journeys could be walked in under twenty five minutes. 

There are significant plans to implement much of this thinking, with Oxford street set to become a pedestrian focused zone by the end of 2018…