How can contemplating nature’s patterns help us find focus, inspiration and creative calm?

Our plant life drawing workshop invites participants to take a moment to disconnect from the digital, switch off their screens and embark on a series of mindful drawing exercises. As we join together and connect to nature, we marvel at the magnificent details of humble house-plants.

Celebrating Interconnectivity

In our urban culture, it’s more important than ever to feel the peaceful presence of the flora and fauna around us. Amongst our curated NATURESCAPES, we take a macro perspective and marvel at the spaces in-between leaves, stalks and petals. We zoom in to explore the textures of veins, bark and spines which curiously repeat in our own human anatomy and shape our individual growth.

 Together, we are inspired to feel part of a greater whole – and think about our connection to nature as part of our own bodies and indeed our own creative process. Growth in the wider sense is linked to our ability to adapt and create, to appreciate our interconnectivity to nature and our reverence for it.

 The benefits of interacting with nature were understood by our ancestors and has now been backed up by science. Beyond the workshop, participants learn to see the trees and plants all around them with fresh eyes, transforming the everyday into a source of inner solace and strength.

"There is not a fragment in all nature, for every relative fragment of one thing is a full harmonious unit in itself"
John Muir (1838–1914), naturalist and author
Focus on plant anatomy, interconnectivity and patterns
"I left work feeling really stressed, but the workshop this evening has definitely calmed me down and connected me to my creativity. Thank you!"
Diionne Antrobus, Events Planner