How can the traditional craft of marbling help to uplift, unwind and unleash our inner creativity?

We use simple marbling ink and water techniques to allow people from all backgrounds to reconnect with their creativity and enjoy an experience of mindfulness and energised focus. Bringing our attention fully, and curiously to the present moment, we open a space for participants to get hands-on – and mucky! Together, in a supportive environment, we create artworks to take away and treasure.

Experiencing Flow States

In a culture of rigid self-help programmes and controlled creative processes, we celebrate the joy of serendipity. For us, the craft of marbling brings to life the psychological reality of ‘flow’, where action and awareness are effortlessly united. Our wellbeing is enhanced as we enter a ‘flow state’, losing all concept of time as we fully embrace the now.

With marbling no two prints are ever the same. Each art work acts as a beautiful blueprint celebrating one moment in time. Whilst there is room for personal exploration and experimentation, the marbling process is difficult to control with many variables that affect the outcome. We learn not to worry about the blank piece of paper that begins every project and, instead, surrender to the process, opening up to the unknown. Together, we experience the wonder of creativity and flow.

"The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it"
Thích Nhât Hanh, Buddhist monk
"PATTERNITY gave me the opportunity to liberate my creative power of self expression, I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking to explore and develop their creative processes”
JP Luchetti, Consultancy Director, Mubaloo